About Us


Established in 1989 in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, through the Federal Transit Administration's Rural Transportation Assistance Program and Penn State University, PennTRAIN is the most innovative and advanced training program of its kind in the country.

In 2001 the Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association (PPTA) stepped in to carry on the Penn State legacy of education excellence. With PPTA's administration of the program, the full engagement of Pennsylvania's transit systems and the leadership of PPTA's PennTRAIN Advisory Committee, PennTRAIN has continued to thrive and sets the standard for transportation education and training.


PennTRAIN Value Proposition

PennTRAIN prepares public transportation for the future. We are the foremost provider of public transportation training and knowledge transfer opportunities across the Commonwealth.

Our industry-informed curriculum and resources provide innovative and collaborative opportunities to meet the growing and evolving needs of our industry in a manner that is responsive to our customers and our partners.

We do this by:

Creating an adaptive program that is forward-thinking and responsive to the changing needs of our customers and the industry,
Fostering conversations and facilitating dialogue within organizations and across the Commonwealth,
Ensuring quality service delivery to the public by training the transit workforce,
Facilitating training that builds a pipeline of transit talent across Pennsylvania.


Targeted Training Programs

Board Training Marketing
Conflict Avoidance Operations
Customer Service Passenger Assistance
Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Performance Measures
Finance & Budgeting Professional Supervisor Program
Grant Writing Project Management
Human Resources Risk Management
IT/Technology Safety/Security/Evacuation
Land Use/Transit Oriented Development Scheduling & Dispatch
Long Range Planning Transit Executive Seminar
Maintenance Training TransitSCORE Program
Managing Third Party Contracts Transportation Planning


TransitSCORE Team