Online Training Courses

Core Training

Developed for public transit employees. Includes modules on Communications Skills and Transit. Free for PPTA members. Email info@ppta.net to request an account.


Front Line Supervisor Course
As of July 2020, PennTRAIN's Track 2 modules for supervisors and managers are being phased out in favor of CTAA's online Front Line Supervisor Course


The Front Line Supervisor Course, developed and managed by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA), provides front line supervisors with essential skills necessary for them to be successful, and also fulfills the pre-requisite requirements for the Certified Community Transit Supervisor (CCTS) program. This course includes realistic decision-making exercises and quizzes to reinforce positive learning outcomes, covering topics including the supervisor's role, succeeding as a supervisor, communicating effectively, leading your team, coaching and counseling, conflict management, decision making, and transit supervisor responsibilities.


PennTRAIN provides PPTA members with complimentary access to CTAA's Front Line Supervisor Course. To waive the $100 registration fee, contact PennTRAIN's Program Coordinator by emailing info@ppta.net or calling 717-234-7211 x101 to request a single-use promo code.


Track 2 modules will remain available through December 31, 2020 for the benefit of those in the process of completing them. If you have not yet begun the Track 2 modules, we strongly recommend completing CTAA's Front Line Supervisor Course instead.


Transit Board Training

Developed for new and current Pennsylvania transit board members. Free for PPTA members. Email info@ppta.net to request an account.

Recorded PennTRAIN Webinars

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, PennTRAIN has begun to provide content through online webinars. When feasible, these webinars will be recorded and linked here for on-demand viewing at any time. Upcoming webinars will always be listed on the PennTRAIN calendar.



Recommended Resources

The following online, on-demand courses are managed by other organizations and recommended by PennTRAIN.